studio òlegale torrente vignone

Law firm

Torrente Vignone Law Firm has offices in Milan, Monza and Savona.
It was set up by two lawyers, Grazia Torrente and Alessandra Vignone, who had previously worked together in a team for many years in a leading international law firm
Over time the professional benefits of working together on a daily basis have been demonstrated by the successful outcome of the cases handled, ranging from small to large scale and include multinational companies operating in Italy.

Thanks to the international experience they have accrued, Torrente Vignone understand the importance of taking special care in the way it charges for its services, always providing a quotation following the assignment of any case and ensuring that it keeps the client informed during the course of the proceedings and warning them in advance of any possible variations in costs that may occur.
In certain cases, where an alternative approach is required, we are prepared to discuss different possible strategies with the client to ensure that a solution can be found which matches the client’s needs and their budget.
Moreover in cases involving proceedings and where there is a potential for saving costs we will suggest an alternative resolution to the case, even in cases where recourse to mediation may not be mandatory.
The firm’s headquarters are based in Milan with a secondary office in Savona, where it works closely with the Baldizzone firm of Chartered Accountants.