Competition Law

The law firm prepares notifications of concentrations to the antitrust authority (Autorità Garante per la Concorrenza ed il Mercato ) which are necessary for proposed  business operations that have annual turnovers  above the limits for state tax, such as merger & acquisition transactions, or branch leasing agreements or company acquisitions.

Moreover we provide advice as it is required or deal with communicating directly with the governing body on behalf of the client.

Transport and Logistics

Torrente Vignone has a vast experience of road transport issues both in Italy and abroad. It assists Italian and foreign shipping companies and insurance companies in legal disputes, related to breach of contract or seeking damages for loss of goods or delay in delivery, insurance and reinsurance.

The law firm works together with companies, including multinational service providers and users, offering consultancy and legal services related to logistical requirements in outsourcing operations. Apart from taking care of contractual issues, the law firm also deals with general conditions and offers for integrated service logistics, transport and storage of goods.

Commercial Cotracts

Torrente Vignone provides assistance in commercial contract negotiations for the production, sale and distribution of products and services, agency and franchising, sponsoring deals, consultancy agreements, tenders and facility management, general conditions applying to the purchase of products and services, international technology licensing agreement and software licensing agreements, maintenance and development contracts, outsourcing (logistics, IT services, hotels services and general services).

In addition the firm can assist with the review of global agreements drawn up according to the laws of different jurisdictions in order to comply with the regulations and standards in Italy.

Real Estate

The law firm has specific competences in the hotel industry, particularly with reference to the property development of hotel structures and related contracts including affiliation contracts, contracts with tour operators, travel agencies or tourism offices, rent agreements, sale of business agreements, leasing agreements, tourist rental agreements, and tour operator contracts with agencies for the provision of tourist services.

Torrente Vignone also advises on subjects such as hotel classification, anti-terrorism laws, food safety laws and pricing regulations.

Assistance to private foreign individuals

Inheritance: The law firm assists foreign private individuals or Italians resident abroad in all matters related to inheritance, such as the reading of wills, covenants, contesting of wills, intestate succession ,renunciation of inheritance through to the execution of a will, including the transfer of property and assets and the transfer of funds in Italian bank accounts.

Property: Torrente Vignone assists in the purchasing and renting of land or property in Italy for both commercial and residential purposes and provides legal advice on all areas of real estate. We can also assist, through local consultants (such as architects, surveyors, bank officials involved in the process), with all technical aspects and property surveys.

Legal proceedings, arbitrations and alternative dispute resolution

We have considerable experience of commercial disputes and are able to represent clients in all courts and tribunals in every district of Italy, and where necessary engaging other colleagues in loco.

Torrente Vignone represents its clients in ad hoc and regulated domestic arbitration procedures, international arbitrations at all the main international bodies, including GAFTA-The Graine Feed & Trade Association, as well as in mediations.
The two partners are both international arbitrators, and have been admitted as fellows of Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London since 2008.